Love is…



I’ve had some amazing teachers in my life that have taught me lessons that have carried me through dark times. But, there has been on teacher in particular that has taught me lessons I never thought possible. Babe you have taught me what TRUE LOVE is…not that fairy tale roses and gifts love but that raw, unconditional, agape love. As we prepare to celebrate our five year anniversary tomorrow (and 13 years together) I want to thank you for being such a gentle, kind, and loving teacher…never boastful, harsh, or inconsiderate. Thank you for teaching me love is:

-holding me tighter when I had given up on us…love is…
-never thinking I was less of a woman when the doctors said you can’t have babies, but actually thinking I was more of a woman because of it…love is….
-loving our little miracle baby like a father should love a daughter and getting so excited when she does anything new…love is…
-being a man of God…love is….
-holding my hand through countless and countless doctors appointments and always lightening the mood to calm my nerves…love is…
-getting up before the sun and coming home after the sunset to ensure your family has all that we need…love is…
-loving people in spite of…love is…
-grabbing a sponge and helping me clean up poop, pee, and whatever else our baby girl throws at us that day…love is…
-ALWAYS coming to me at the end of the day and asking “are you ok?”…love is…

I couldn’t have prayed for a better man! Happy anniversary baby and here’s to 50 more!


About MoDo

Hi There! I'm a 30 something woman who thought if I did things just right everything would fall into place.... boy was I rudely mistaken. So I thought what better than to share my life journey with the world; reminding people that just because things don't go as planned, doesn't mean they are not going. So here's a toast to our 30's: when things get a little more complicated, your political voice dwindles a tad, and true friends shine through. Here is to all the weddings, break ups, weekend trips, and alumni events. Here's to gaining weight, losing weight, grad school, and student loans. Here's to babies born, jobs we hate, co-workers turned friends, and passport stamps. Here's to not forgetting memories shared, changes to come, remembering who we are, and of course love.

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  1. This postingis so close to my heart. Not only are you both my children, but you’re my favorite couple as well!! I remember when you first starting writing me poems 🙂 and your writing continues to leave me speechless!! This post is so moving, so heartfelt, so powerful, and so romantic. It’s so you….

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