Hair of the Day: Bantu Twistout

Hair of the Day: Bantu Twistout

Bantu Twistout (instructions below):



1. Washed hair with conditioner
2. Put leave in conditioner in while hair was soaking wet
3. Let dry for the day (approximately 5 hours)
4. That evening divided hair in sections used dime size product in each section and proceeded to put in flat twist.
5. Took each twist and wrapped in Bantu knot.
6. Slept on satin pillowcase
7. Next morning unraveled knots and twists with coconut oil.
8. Used wide tooth comb to fluff

Always with love,



About MoDo

Hi There! I'm a 30 something woman who thought if I did things just right everything would fall into place.... boy was I rudely mistaken. So I thought what better than to share my life journey with the world; reminding people that just because things don't go as planned, doesn't mean they are not going. So here's a toast to our 30's: when things get a little more complicated, your political voice dwindles a tad, and true friends shine through. Here is to all the weddings, break ups, weekend trips, and alumni events. Here's to gaining weight, losing weight, grad school, and student loans. Here's to babies born, jobs we hate, co-workers turned friends, and passport stamps. Here's to not forgetting memories shared, changes to come, remembering who we are, and of course love.

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