Happy Mother’s Day: But first there was you

Happy Mother’s Day: But first there was you

But first there was you…


I clearly remember being accepted to college and the first person I wanted to tell was you! When I got engaged you were the first person I called. And as I delivered my miracle baby you were there holding my hand (and my leg lol). But, that’s no surprise because you have always been there; always, even when you were unnoticed, unthanked, and uniformed. You have always had this way of making me feel like I learned something on my own, but really it was you navigating the process. You taught me to fall without defeat; win with a giving spirit, and tame the wild hair….well I think we are still working on that. You taught me to brush my teeth, twice; how to love beyond selfishness; and cook a mean batch of grits….ok lets be honest I NEVER learned that one. Thank you for teaching me to be a lady with a voice; powerful with grace, and to be a child of God with a humble spirit. Thank you for teaching me to not look for the day to day appreciation of parenthood, but the long term honor of being of mother. I aspire to have your beauty and not later in life, but today! You are amazingly graceful.

Now that I have married and realized God’s calling over my life as a mother, I thought what else could my mother teach me?! Well while watching you graduate with your college degree just last week I realized I was wrong about that notion. You are unstoppable!!!! On this day I thank you for allowing me to learn from you, to mimic you, and secretly steal your ideas on so many occasions. You are more than a mother, you are beauty without boundaries; you are forever plus infinity; you are love.


Always with love,



About MoDo

Hi There! I'm a 30 something woman who thought if I did things just right everything would fall into place.... boy was I rudely mistaken. So I thought what better than to share my life journey with the world; reminding people that just because things don't go as planned, doesn't mean they are not going. So here's a toast to our 30's: when things get a little more complicated, your political voice dwindles a tad, and true friends shine through. Here is to all the weddings, break ups, weekend trips, and alumni events. Here's to gaining weight, losing weight, grad school, and student loans. Here's to babies born, jobs we hate, co-workers turned friends, and passport stamps. Here's to not forgetting memories shared, changes to come, remembering who we are, and of course love.

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  1. Everytime I look at you, talk with you or spend time with you, I think how could she make me any prouder to be her mother…. Then you do! I love you.

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